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  • Optimizing Your Content for Better Visibility in Search Engines
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    Visibility in search engines is perhaps the goal of all online activities. Achieving this goal is therefore important to your online success. In response to enquiries from many training providers desirous of greater visibility in search engines (SE) for their courses uploaded to our website, we have, over the years, gone...

  • HTTP vs HTTPS – The Myths and the Facts
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    HTTP vs HTTPS – The Myths and the Facts General Issues

    Following recent social media / online buzz concerning the use of Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), and the obvious misunderstanding and misuse of the application protocol in some of the web links submitted to us, we have found it necessary to put up this write up in the hope that...

  • Let us stop the “Name Calling” – Patricia Osobase
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    I have decided to write on ‘Name Calling’ because I am beginning to see the effect of it in the lives of some of the children I work with.   Name calling has a strong influence on how children affected see themselves and people around them. For professional purposes, I will not...

  • Staying Safe in the Ember Months
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    Staying Safe in the Ember Months General Issues

    It is often said that it is only those who are alive that can achieve goals. As we move towards the end of the year, we become “justifiably” anxious, worried even that we may not achieve all that we have set before ourselves for the year. While this fear is...

  • Ebola Outbreak - Before the Evil days come….
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    Ebola Outbreak - Before the Evil days come…. General Issues

    In October 2011, I attended a Pandemic Tabletop exercise purposely for this (EBOLA) situation we are grappling with. Yes I was part of it, so I cannot talk much but offer some strategic direction. It is not our falling or failing that matters now, the issue is how we can...

  • Getting the best out of Nigerian Seminars and Trainings website
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    As a result of the emails and phone calls we have been receiving from so many subscribers, who may require assistance navigating through the Nigerian seminars and trainings website, it has become necessary to share with you some of the ways you can productively navigate your way through and get...

  • Welcome
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    Welcome General Issues

    Welcome We are indeed quite excited to welcome you to this blog. This indeed is the official blog of Nigerian seminars and trainings website. As the slogan implies, its a place to share experiences. We will be sharing experiences on a wide variety of topics - life, environment, self development, general...

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