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  • Let us stop the “Name Calling” – Patricia Osobase
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    I have decided to write on ‘Name Calling’ because I am beginning to see the effect of it in the lives of some of the children I work with.   Name calling has a strong influence on how children affected see themselves and people around them. For professional purposes, I will not...

  • Fostering Core Values in Children - Patricia Osobase
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    I strongly believe that every child needs to understand certain core values to enable them accept and survive in the complex world in which they live in. Certain values act as key factors in shaping the personality and future of a person from childhood to adulthood. Values are linked to...

  • Dealing With the Misconstrued Stigma of Autism - Patricia Osobase
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    Research into autism spectrum disorders (ASD) has been on the increase since the 1940s. While studying special and inclusive education with my dissertation in autism, I discovered through personal research work that, many theorists have tried and are still trying to explain and provide answers to enable us understand the...

  • How to Get Children Interested in Those Subjects Perceived as Uninteresting
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    Having grown up learning mostly theoretically and abstractly, I grew to dislike certain subjects. Now as an educationalist, I can see myself through most of the children who struggle to learn, and tell you that they dislike certain subjects or lessons. My duty and society’s is to support every child...

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