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Getting the best out of Nigerian Seminars and Trainings website

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As a result of the emails and phone calls we have been receiving from so many subscribers, who may require assistance navigating through the Nigerian seminars and trainings website, it has become necessary to share with you some of the ways you can productively navigate your way through and get the best out of your visit to the website.


To get whatever information you need on any course, training seminars or conference you’d like to attend, please take the following steps:

  • Browse through the site to find your preferred course
  • Click on the course (it opens to the event details page)
  • Click on the “book now” button to book for the course
  • Click on the "inquire" button and drop a message for the course provider
  • The course provider will get your message and contact you within two business days.
  • Where the training provider does not contact you within the stipulated time, use the “contact us” button on the website to send us an email. We will get across to the training provider and get back to you.


We have provided several search options to help you access information as quickly as possible. These options include the following:

The Customized Search Bar

This search bar is located at the top of every page of the website and it offers two search options - the Basic Search and the Advanced Search. Each of these can be activated by simply selecting “use basic search” or “use advanced search

  • In basic search, you simply type in the relevant keywords to activate the autosuggestion function. Once the relevant course has been brought up, select the course and the site will automatically search and bring up the course.
  • The advanced search bar offers several search functionalities which may be used individually or collectively like “search by categories”, “search by month, “Search by training provider” and “search by country”.

The Google Site Search

Located on top of the right-side menu of every page of the site, this offers a deep search of the site and renders results based on search parameters. Simply type in your query and press the enter key on keypad.


The easiest way to search for courses by categories is to navigate to the  foot of the website. Here, you will find a list of all available course categories. Simply click on any category and you will be taken to the page where all training, seminars or conferences in that category  are populated.

You can also search  for events by city or country by clicking on the Events by City or Events by Country buttons on the top menu. You will be taken to the page where all training, seminars or conferences in that city/country  are populated.

Alternatively, at the right side of the main top menu of the website you will see a menu item titled “More Menu”.  Click on it, the site shifts to the left to reveal a new set of menu items.  Select “Event by Category” Also listed here are options to search for events in Nigeria, events by countries, training providers in Nigeria, training providers by categories and training providers by countries.

The purpose of all these search options is to simplify your navigation and make your stay on the site as rewarding and stress free as possible.


This option allows users to search for courses based on “keyword tags” attached to courses. For instance, to search for a course about “health,” simply click on “health” in the tag cloud, the website will search and present a webpage containing all courses that relate to “health” on the website. The tag cloud is a collection of all the tags used on courses on the website. It is located on the bottom of the right-side menu.


  • Once you find a course that suits you, click on the course title it opens to the event detail page. The cost is stated at the upper right-hand side on the course page
  • To view the venue, click on the “venue and date” tab on the course page. You will find the precise venue displayed there.

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More to come....


NST Team

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