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  • Featured Training Firm: GTC Group - Transforming Emerging Economies
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    The GTC Group has combined Training, Consulting and Specialist Energy services to provide emerging and developed economies with an unparalleled platform for transformational development, especially during these unprecedented times and beyond. Our head office is in London with physical presence in nine countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Africa,...

  • Featured Training Firm: Tenol Alpha Limited - Promoting Excellence and Value
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    Tenol Alpha is a market leader in the business and ISO management systems consulting space in Africa offering: Management Systems Implementation and Auditing Training Services Process Improvement Marketing Research Project Management (especially project evaluation and monitoring services) Outsourcing Business Advisory Services We enable organizations to develop human capacity and thrive in competitive markets by implementing best practices and...

  • Featured Training Firm: Centre for Public Service Productivity and Development – Enhancing the Productivity of Nations!
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    The Centre for Public Service Productivity and Development (CeProd) is a non-profit and non-political organization incorporated in Nigeria and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.  CeProd was founded and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Nigeria on 11th December 2008 and it is the first indigenous Productivity Centre in...

  • Active Inertia – The act of hustling while you wait!
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    This is an idea closely identified with Donald “Don” Sull, an associate professor at London Business School and rising star in a new generation of management gurus. Educated almost exclusively at Harvard (first degree, doctorate and MBA), Sull worked in consulting (with McKinsey & Company) and private equity (with Clayton,...

  • Hosting the Directory of Accredited Training Institutions in Nigeria
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    The idea of hosting the directory of accredited training institutions in Nigeria on the Nigerian seminars and trainings portal was borne out of a strong sense of responsibility, and an avowed commitment to protect the training public against the antics of quacks, and ensure that the training received by trainees...

  • Welcome to 2015 - Don’t Be Afraid to Start - CIPM
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    Imagine if the author of your favorite book never wrote it, or the composer of your favorite song never sang? All the tunes that would have gone, art works that would have gone undesigned, books unwritten, houses not built, companies not existing, all because someone somewhere failed to start. As you...

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