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  • Building Trust for Effective Teamwork and Collaboration
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    Trust-building requires patience, effort, and dedication from all parties involved. It starts with creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing their thoughts and opinions without fear of judgment or criticism. Team members should also be open to learning from each other to build mutual understanding and respect. By investing...

  • The Importance of Promoting Your Courses on Nigerian Seminars and Trainings Website
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    The importance of promoting your training courses on Nigerian Seminars and Trainings website is, without doubt, not debatable. In any market, advertising and promotion are the catalyst of conversion and sales.  We have had this discussion with several training providers, and we indeed, cannot give up because the success of...

  • Embracing Change – A Think Piece by Uwem Umana
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    Embracing Change – A Think Piece by Uwem Umana General Issues

    Change must start from somewhere. We live in a day and age where change is the only constant. Big organizations all over the world are undergoing change and forming strategic alliances. Collaborations and cost cutting initiatives are taking place in different dimensions, all in a bid to positionally place the...

  • Moving Ahead - E-learning Portals, Event Videos and Featured Videos
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    As follow-up to our earlier post on Covid-19 and the Training Industry, this post seeks to highlight the steps we have taken to reposition our offerings to meet the needs of the evolving training landscape. In a post on the NST Trainers Forum, we  amended our earlier position to create a...

  • COVID -19 and the Training Industry – Keeping the Industry Afloat
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    We have carefully followed all information about the Coronavirus with a view to understanding the impact on the training industry as it relates to attendance at training events. Information we have gathered indicates that there has been a lot of cancellations from overseas participants as governments across the globe are...

  • Why Your Courses / Content May Not Be Indexed by Google and Other Search Engines
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    This article is a follow-up to our earlier article “Why Overwriting Your Old Courses / Links May Not Be Such A Good Idea”. This article discusses why your courses / content may not be indexed by search engines. In the earlier article, we discussed the merits and demerits of overwriting...

  • Let’s Join Hands in Pushing Your Business!
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    Let’s Join Hands in Pushing Your Business! General Issues

    Great news! Nigerian Seminars and Trainings is now an approved FACEBOOK BRANDED CONTENT CREATOR OR BRAND INLUENCER (in common parlance). What does this mean? It means we can now: Create posts to promote your individual businesses or upcoming training or whatever information you want to put out there to our followers When...

  • Finishing Strong Every Year -  A Lesson from the Racetracks
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    As we approach the end of any year, everyone is understandably apprehensive, some in fact worried about the likely outcomes of their various pursuits since the beginning of the year. Targets, indeed, must be met, salaries paid, and stakeholders kept happy. The question on everyone’s mind right now is “how...

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