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Featured Training Firm: McTimothy Associates Training - A World-Class Management Training Solution

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McTimothy Associates is a full-service Management consulting, Human Capital Management, and Business Training firm that enables business greatness and effectiveness through customer-centric innovative solutions. 

We are professional management consulting firm enabling business greatness in Africa through cutting edge modern management practice of Business transformation, Strategy development and implementation, Change management and innovation, Leadership and Corporate Governance, Restructuring and turnaround management, Human capital management and Training solutions. 

Training at McTimothy Associates Training

Our Purpose and Corporate Philosophy   

Our Vision 

We are driven to become World-class professional training and consulting solutions in Africa with global best practice and network. 

Our Mission 

We are committed to enabling businesses, professionals and personal greatness of our clients every day. 

What Makes Us Different? 

Through our extensive global partner network, we connect key decision-makers in emerging economies with global thought leaders and practical experts that can collaborate to deliver technical, intellectual and managerial transformation to your business. We are developing Africa leaders for global relevance.

We combine Training, Consulting and specialist Human Capital Management services to provide emerging economies with an unparalleled platform for growth and development. By best-in-class management solutions that deliver maximum cultural and commercial impact across every sector, we produce real world results for our clients and the organizations they represent both now and into the future. Come explore the transformative opportunities that we can deliver to you. 

Our Culture 

Our culture underscores business practice and the way we do things here. It is a timeless commitment to the sound principles of our founders and leaders. Our culture is the right combination of our Core Values and Norms. Our culture is what we called:  iTimer… Rollcorrect 

Core Values 

I – Integrity 
T- Trust 
I – Innovation 
M – Mastery 
E – Excellence 
R – Resilience and Results 

Our Norms 

R – Responsibility 
O – Ownership 
L – Learning 
L – Leadership 
C – Commitment 
O – Open Communication 
R – Reward and Recognition 
R – Role-Modelling 
E – Empowerment 
C – Customer Focus 
T – Teamwork 

Our Strategic Objectives 

Our strategic objectives (SOs) are directly linked to our VMVs and are there to ensure our vision is achieved by carefully executing our mission: 

  • Provide the most reliable training and consulting products and services across Africa aimed at maximizing client trust and confidence leading to growth 
  • Innovate continuously on all fronts to ensure alignment with clients’ expectations is sustained resulting in increased market share 
  • Strive for excellence in design and delivery of all products and services 
  • Provide a motivating yet challenging work environment to increase employees’ engagement with the company and its values 
  • Training at McTimothy Associates Training2

What makes us unique? 

Global relevance 

We are developing Africa’s Leaders for global relevance using our unrivalled network of global contacts, International Faculty members etc, McTimothy Associates connects these global thought leaders to individuals and groups in the public and private sectors in Africa economies. Our courses and management consulting practice are benchmarked with international standards.  

Blended learning 

Our faculty consists of both local and foreign consultants/trainers, subject matter experts (SME), lecturers and published authors, with international expertise. All our resource persons are well versed in learning and development interventions and combined both traditional and online learning solutions to make learning impacting and truly satisfying for our clients. Enabled by our international faculty support, our delegate who register for our training can opt for a combination of classroom and virtual training.  

State-of-the-art facilities 

McTimothy Associates can boost of excellent learning environ that makes real impact.  

Professional Certifications 

Certifications and Accreditations of consultants, content and delivery framework by multiple international professional organizations. McTimothy Associates also have alliances with multiple partners, professional certification institutes and other certification bodies making it possible to train and develop our clients who are seeking for globally certified credentials. 

In-depth cultural insights 

The world has become a global village, and so we have responded positively by ensuring we have a unique insight into the cultures of the divergent background our clients who come from diverse cultural backgrounds. 

Personalized support 

We’re with you every step of the way to success and work in partnership with you and your organization to develop both current and future leaders. We personalized our reach to ensure your needs are particularly cared for in manner that you preferred. 

Proven return on investment 

You are not alone in your quest for return on training investment. At McTimothy Associates, We are aware of this and we deliver a proven return on investment through our learning interventions. Our loyal and expanding client base is a testament to the results we strive for and achieve for organizations that patronizes us. 

Training at McTimothy Associates3

Benefits of Our Professional Training 

Both organizations and individual employees benefits tremendously from our management development training programmes in number of ways: 

Benefits to Organizations 

Our courses help organizations to: 

  • Our training impact positively on your bottom-line results 
  • Our Training helps you drive strategy formulation and execution 
  • Your Organisation gain sustainable competitive edge by developing skills, creativity and commitment of employees. 
  • Helping you generate flexible and robust business processes 
  • Improve human performance across your enterprise 
  • Learn and know how to put best practices into action 
  • Increase customer patronage and loyalty 
  • Cost reduction is achieved, cycle time and business risk is reduced 
  • Improve employee morale/motivation and hence productivity. 

Benefits to Employees 

Employees who go through/attended our training/courses will benefit by: 

  • Increasing your earning potentials. 
  • Benefits from the practical experience of the professionals who lead our courses. 
  • Enhanced personal skills and marketable competencies. 
  • Advance your career opportunities, growth while deriving a sense of achievement. 
  • Demonstrates you acquired the skills, expertise and experience to impact an organisation. bottom-line and ability to deliver quality products and services. 
  • Develop your personal and professional competence for business/corporate leadership. 
  • Learn best practices which gives you a global and recognized leadership professional. 

Training at McTimothy Associates4


McTimothy Associates maintain relevant accreditation/partnership to remain a top-notch player who offers superior value to our customers consistently. Apart from the international bodies we partner with, we also maintain partnership and are accredited by local bodies, some of them are: 

  • Institute of Management Consultants (IMC). 
  • Institute of Professional Recruitment Consultants (IPRC), Nigeria 
  • Association of Professional Recruitment Consultants (APRC), UK 
  • Nigeria Institute of Training and Development (NITAD) 
  • Centre for Management Development (CMD) 
  • Industrial Training Fund (ITF) 
  • Human Capital Providers Association of Nigeria (HuCaPAN) 
  • Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment 

McTimothy Associates is a multi-award-winning organization. If you desire to know more about various training and development courses we offer, kindly visit McTimothy Associates profile and courses on Nigerian Seminars and Trainings here 

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