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Featured Training Firm: Largesse LCL Coaches Consultants - Africa Productivity and Performance Centre

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Largesse LCL Coaches Consultants have been committed to helping business leaders, managers, public officers and for nonprofit organizations to attain higher levels of productivity and greater performance. We provide Business Executive Coaching, Business Management Skills Development Training, Business Management Development Consultancy and Human Resources Management Outsourcing.

Our unique solutions are well researched and carefully adapted and deployed to help organizations to attain higher efficiency, more effectiveness and enhanced profitability. We recognize that in the field of play, talent is not enough, our approach ensures that people become better through self-discovery, reinvention and doggedness towards more productive actions.

Our facilitation methodology is premised on the knowledge that learning takes place when people take effective actions.  People learn through reading, observing, listening, interaction, mistakes, failure, experiment and success. It is therefore our practice to expose people to all these methods of learning facilitation in order to achieve the attitude that drive actions that ultimately leads to desired skills upgrade observed in job performance.

 Research has shown that 50 percent of skills and knowledge of people get obsolete in three years. Consequently organizations that pay lip service to staff skills development is destined to go into oblivion quickly.

LCL Method takes participants through a journey of self-discovery; identify patterns of behaviours and skills practice that are working for them and help discard not productive behaviours and skill and create action plan towards more productive behaviors that ensure increased productivity and enhanced individual and business performance.

We invite you to come and experience one of our immersive sessions.

To learn more about LCL Coaches, please visit LCL Coache's profile on Nigerian Seminars and Trainings here.

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