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Featured Training Firm: Datastat Research Centre

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Datastat Research is a training and research capacity building organization; based in Nairobi, Kenya; specializing in Project Management, Social Research, Organizational Development and Business Development. Our team of staff has a proven record for creating, developing, and inventing innovative and creative results tailored to unique, evolving industry-specific requirements. More than consulting and training,

Datastat works with its clients before and long after their projects to ensure that their strategic business objectives and visions are met within our flexible and comprehensive strengths, which outlines the company’s competitive advantage. Our principal values have positively influenced the personality of our firm, ultimately path the way we work and make decisions.

Datastat activities are managed by competent professional team comprising of, the Directors of institutes, General manager, Information Manager, the Marketing manager and Research consultants. Essentially, Datastat Consultancy ltd overall objective is to provide professional services guided by our core values of providing quality services and a value-for-money service that contributes to overall performance improvement and successful achievement of organizational goals and objectives of our clients.

Our work involves coordinating and communicating with the responsible officials to ensure that an appropriate and highly customized professional courses are designed in order to achieve the desired results. The team is structured such that all the necessary resources and expertise are provided in each assignment with full commitment from all the team members.

Datastat Consultancy ltd is endowed with fulltime and part-time staff who are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in the fields of research, finance, ISO9001:2000 standards awareness training, Certification, leadership, entrepreneurship training and development. Our key objective is to deliver balanced services that will impact positively on both our clients and the community around them; achieved through management by objective and strategic management.

Vision: To be preferred capacity building organization, research consulting and market research services.

Mission: To empower our clients with relevant knowledge and skills, an attitude with embraced relationship

We have 8 different course category that is offered here in Datastat research Centre:

ICT Courses

  • Common ICT tools that are in use today include social media analytics tools, mobile data collection systems, data visualization and mapping software, among others.
  • You will learn various strategies and building skills to help you better collect, analyze, manage, and visualize data by means of diverse technology tools.

Business Courses

  • To build the capacity of Development professionals who are actively engaged in businesses management
  • These courses designed to give insights for increasing the level of entrepreneurship in communities at local and national levels.

Research and Data Analysis

  • For both governments and civil society to have a need for information on health programs and trends and the impact of policies and interventions.
  • The courses emphasize the need for designing information required for analysis and interpretation of data collected for policymaking.
  • The course is job-oriented and the training approach is interactive. It provides the participants with the possibility to learn from expert facilitators as well as from each other.

Agriculture Courses

  • Sustaining agricultural production through improved soil management is critical to the issue of food security and poverty alleviation in developing countries owing to the escalating population growth, intensified cropping, shrinking agricultural land and widespread land degradation.
  • These courses aim to enhance ability in commercial production planning, management of vegetables, tropical fruits, flowers and ornamental plants and to focus on crops produced in order to make it available commercially, particularly with those which have high market potential in participants’ home countries.

Development Courses

  • Development training is a mixture of skills workshops and lecture formats that are aimed at equipping one with crucial theory and practical skills.
  • The skills workshop will equip the students with practical training that is essential in the development of tools and techniques. 

Project Management Courses

  • Training on Project Proposal and Report Writing is an important concept in the project management arena. This is because without the skills the project managers cannot be in a position to request for grants from the funders/donors of a project.
  • It is thus paramount for the project managers and other stakeholders to train on this course to be better placed when managing projects

Health Courses

  • These courses are designed for middle- to senior-level managers working in public health from national, provincial government or international agencies and non-governmental organizations, who are responsible for health programmes in communicable and non-communicable diseases, their various administrative aspects and donor communications for the implementation of health programmes.

GIS Courses

  • The increasing flexibility of GIS technologies means that they can be used in almost every field imaginable and by people from all walks of life.
  • GIS is particularly beneficial to those working in e-government, e-business, and e-science fields.
  • Thus, this course is most suitable for non-GIS users and experts, Geographers, IT experts, Cartographers, Geoscientist, surveyors, Planners, software engineers, Database administrators, system administrators, and M and E experts.

Our Clients

  • NGOs
  • WFP
  • Red Cross Socity
  • World Rescue Organization
  • USAid
  • FAO
  • UNEP
  • Universities
  • Parastatals
  • Ministries
  • Private institutions

If you desire to know more about various training and development courses we offer, kindly visit Datastat Research Centre profile and courses on Nigerian Seminars and Trainings here

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